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Of the Secret Consolations of the Soul NEW!
Ockeghem & Josquin: Musical Renaissance at the Valois Court
4 sopranos, 3 altos, 3 tenors, 2 basses

‘Missa de Sancta Anna’
Music for the first music chapel of Las Palmas Cathedral, c1500
4 sopranos, 3 altos, 3 tenors, 2 basses, organ 

Missa de Batalla a la Victoria sobre ‘el Draque’ (Las Palmas, 1595)
after the Mass celebrating the Victory of Gran Canaria over Francis Drake’s Armada
choir SSATB, cornett, shawm/recorder, 2 sackbuts, dulcian, violin, 3 viols, organ

‘Honras del Rey Don Phelipe II en la Catedral de la Isla de Canaria’
Funeral rites for Philip II after those celebrated in Las Palmas in 1598
3 sopranos, 2 altos, 2 tenors, 2 basses, muted dulcian. With SCHOLA ANTIQUA (dir. Juan Carlos Asensio)

Claudio Monteverdi: Sacred & Profane NEW!
Madrigals and Sacred Music
4 sopranos, 3 altos, 3 tenors, 2 basses, theorbo, organ

Carlos Patiño: Vespers (c1650)
Vísperas a 12
3 choirs, cornett, 3 sackbuts, 2 violins, bass violin, harp, theorbo, organ

Sebastián Durón: Miserere a 8 & Lamentations
Sacred Works for Holy Week
double choir, strings, theorbo, organ

J.S. Bach: Cantatas for the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Motet BWV 230, Andante BWV 1041 and Cantatas BWV 10 & BWV 147
soloists, choir & chamber orchestra

Baroque & Galant Style in the Canary Islands
Sacred Music from Las Palmas Cathedral
soprano, alto, tenor, bass, violin, violeta, violoncello, dulcian/recorder, organ, theorbo

W. A. Mozart: Missae Breves
Masses K. 140 & K. 275 and Epistle Sonatas
soloists, choir, strings, organ

J. M. Nunes Garcia: Funeral Office for 8 voices (Rio de Janeiro, 1799)
Sacred Music from Colonial Brazil
4 sopranos, 4 altos, 4 tenors, 4 basses, organ

J. M. Nunes Garcia: ‘Missa Pastoril’ for Christmas Night (Rio de Janeiro, 1811)
Christmas Music for the Portuguese Royal Court in Brazil
soloists, choir, chamber orchestra, organ

G. Carissimi: Historia di Jephte
C. Saint-Saëns: Oratorio de Noël, op. 12
soloists, choir, strings, harp, organ

J. Brahms: Motets
8 sopranos, 6 altos, 6 tenors, 6 basses

G. Fauré: Requiem, op. 48 (chamber version, 1888)
Requiem (Fauré), Messe Basse (Fauré) & Missa Brevis (Palestrina)

soprano, baritone, choir, 2 bassoons, violin/viola, 11 violas, 8 cellos, 2 double basses, timpani, harp, organ

Camerata Cayrasco

Humanism & Renaissance in the Canary Islands
Music and poetry for the ‘Academia del Apolo Délfico’
Elizabeth Drury, soprano – rebec, 3 viols, vihuela/lute

Claudio Monteverdi: Sacred & Profane NEW!
Madrigals and Sacred Music
4 sopranos, 3 altos, 3 tenors, 2 basses, theorbo, organ

William Lawes: Royall Consort Suites
Suites for violins, viols & theorboes
2 violins, 2 viols, 2 theorbos

Henry Purcell: Dido & Aeneas
Opera in 3 acts
soloists, choir, strings, continuo. Duration: 1h

Sebastián Durón: Forest Enchanted by Love (c1695)
Opera in Spanish (2 acts + 2 intermezzi) composed to celebrate the birthday of the Count of Oñate
8 soloists, choir, violin, viol, continuo. Duration: 1h 30m

Antonio Literes: The Elements (c1715)
Allegorical Serenata in Spanish composed to celebrate the birthday of the Duchess of Medina de las Torres
6 soloists (Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, Time, Dawn), choir, 2 cornetts, viol, strings, continuo. Duration: 75m

G. F. Handel: Acis & Galatea, HWV 49
Pastoral Opera in 2 acts
soloists, choir, chamber orchestra, continuo. Duration: 1h 30m

G. F. Handel: Of Tempests & Love
Soprano Arias & Orchestral Works
Elizabeth Drury, soprano – chamber orchestra

The Age of the Enlightenment in the Canary Islands
Music & poetry of the Enlightenment in Tenerife
Matthew Long, tenor – violin, violoncello, harpsichord, 5c-guitar

W. A. Mozart / L. van Beethoven / R. Schumann: Symphonies
chamber orchestra

Gustav Mahler: Symphony no. 4 (arr. Stein, 1921)
for chamber ensemble & soprano
Elizabeth Drury, soprano
flute/piccolo, oboe/cor anglais, clarinet/bass clarinet, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, piano, harmonium, percussion

Late Romantic Works for Chamber Ensemble
Richard Wagner: Siegfried Idyll
Franz Schreker: Intermezzo & Scherzo
Gustav Mahler: Adagio from Symphony no. 9 (arr. Quinteiro, 2012)

Heitor Villa-Lobos: Chamber Music Works
Sexteto Místico, Quarteto Simbólico, Chôros Bis, Distribuição de Flores, Trio (1921) & Chôros no. 7 “Septet”
flute, oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, bassoon, violin, cello, celesta, harp, guitar, female voices

Chamber Music

Les Voix Humaines
French & German Baroque Chamber Music, c1700
Camerata Cayrasco: violin, viol, theorbo

A Canarian Christmas Celebration
Baroque Music from Las Palmas Cathedral
Capilla Cayrasco: Matthew Long, tenor –  violin, viola, cello, dulcian, theorbo

Luigi Boccherini: Guitar Quintets
Camerata Cayrasco: Eligio Luis Quinteiro, Romantic guitar – string quartet

The Intimist Violin
Duos for violin & guitar from the Classical Period (works by Porro, Mozart & de Call)
Sarah Moffatt, violin  – Eligio Luis Quinteiro, Romantic guitar

Songs of Love & Fate
Romantic Lieder and Canciones with guitar    (works by Schubert, Giuliani, Moretti & Sor)
Elizabeth Drury, soprano – Eligio Luis Quinteiro, Romantic guitar

Concert for the Nations of Europe
Mauro Giuliani at the Congress of Vienna, 1815
Camerata Cayrasco: violin, viola, Romantic guitar



M. Giuliani: Andantino Sostenuto, op. 71 no. 3 (excerpt)
Eligio Luis Quinteiro, Romantic guitar
(recorded live in concert at the Biblioteca Nacional de España. Madrid, 23/06/96)




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